A hacker’s perspective: social media account takeover prevention guide

“If you watched the SEC Twitter account hack that moved markets yesterday and wondered how to prevent account takeover for your personal, business, or high profile social media account, here’s an Account Takeover Prevention Guide for you and/or your organization.” @racheltobac neatly summarises the steps you should take to prevent the hijacking of your online accounts.


Why passwords have never been weaker—and crackers have never been stronger

“The RockYou dump was a watershed moment, but it turned out to be only the start of what’s become a much larger cracking phenomenon. By putting 14 million of the most common passwords into the public domain, it allowed people attacking cryptographically protected password leaks to almost instantaneously crack the weakest passwords. That made it possible to devote more resources to cracking the stronger ones.” Dan Goodin details the many reasons you should choose your passwords even more carefully.


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